Discount Tire Programs

Discount Tire, America’s largest independent tire retailer, continues to reflect Bruce T. Halle’s respect for people, initiative, and charitable works. The company’s philanthropic programs, managed by the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation, include:


The Bruce T. Halle Scholarship Program

This national program is available to college-age dependents of employees who have worked at the company for three years. Since the program’s inception in 2004, over 2,100 scholarships and over $8.5 million dollars have been awarded.


The Administrative Angels’ Philanthropy Program

The Administrative Angels Philanthropy Program

Founded by the Executive Administration within Discount Tire, this program provides benefits to non-profit organizations, an effort supported at Discount Tire’s corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Administrative Angels provide annual leadership on major initiatives in our community that can be addressed by sustained and collaborative efforts.


The Bridges to Hope (BTH) Corporate Philanthropy Program

The Bridges to Hope Corporate Philanthropy Program

Bridges to Hope is a philanthropy program of Discount Tire’s corporate female executives and the spouses of corporate executives. The group’s mission is to provide significant economic and social assistance to nonprofit organizations by funding major initiatives that are sustainable. Bridges to Hope seeks to strengthen commitments to those less fortunate, encourage and facilitate volunteerism, and establish a presence in Arizona’s communities.


Driven to Care

Driven to Care

Founded in 2005, this regional philanthropy program improves the quality of lives in the various Discount Tire regions across the country. Funded by regional tires sales, the program makes grant monies available to the wives of Discount Tire’s Regional Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents. These dedicated and passionate women volunteer their time to research important local issues and give to charitable organizations that make a difference in their local communities. Since its inception, the Driven to Care program has granted over $5 million to more than 260 deserving organizations throughout the US, addressing important local needs such as homelessness, hunger, and children’s health and welfare issues.


“The highest form of wisdom is kindness.”
- The Talmud

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