The mission of The Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is to strengthen the daily opportunities and lifelong outcomes for the people and communities of the State of Arizona.

The Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is a philanthropic resource for a broad range of charitable endeavors. Our foundation is rooted in the concept of extended family, and our philosophy is based on a few core beliefs:

  • We seek long-term cures rather than short-term palliatives
  • We appreciate innovative approaches to problem solving, provided they’re based on practical concepts
  • We seek partners who are experts and visionaries, whose insights are likely to yield measurable benefits
  • We are willing to listen and learn from our grant applicants
  • We are happy to partner with other foundations and communities to enhance our impact and are always willing to share our success
  • Our commitment does not end with dollars; we invest time and guidance to help our partners succeed

Most important, we seek partners who bring ethical leadership to their mission. While the foundation is not a religious organization, our philosophy is firmly grounded in spiritual values: doing the right thing, supporting our neighbors and healing our communities. We focus on building, strengthening and sustaining innovative organizations whose goals reflect the Halle family’s deep commitment to these values.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
- Ryunosuke Satoro

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