Funding Inquiries

Concept Proposal

Organizations that fall within the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation’s current guidelines and general grant focus areas may submit a concept proposal.  We urge strongly every organization that wishes to submit a concept paper to review carefully the Foundation’s grant guidelines, prior to submitting and while drafting a concept paper. Your concept proposal should include the following information and answers to the questions:

  • Date
  • Legal Name of Organization
  • Address
  • Executive Director
  • Executive Director Phone Number
  • Executive Director Email Address
  • Date Organization received its 501(c)(3) status
  • Dated signatures from both your Board Chair and Executive Director
  1. What is the organization’s mission? (50 words)
  2. Provide a description of the organization’s most recent accomplishments. (75 words)
  3. Provide a description of the funding inquiry – Include a socio-economic profile and estimated numbers of who will be served. Note if this is a new activity or program, or an expansion or enhancement of an existing activity. (100 words)
  4. What is expected to be achieved – Include the outcomes that describe the expected benefits, changes and/or results. If this is a capital request, specify the construction start date. (100 words)
  5. What is innovative about your proposed solution, services model, or project – Include how this innovation helps you have a greater impact with your services and how your services are more impactful than others doing similar work in your field. Describe evidence for the efficacy of the innovation. (100 words)
  6. Provide the estimated project budget and funds that have been raised to date for the proposed activity. Include the funding sought from the Foundation, an explanation of how the Foundation funds will be targeted, and how the Foundation funding will make a difference. (125 words)
  7. Total income as reported on your audited financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year (15 words)


Submit completed proposals to:

Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation
20225 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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