We thank you for your interest in the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation’s online grant application process. The link to the online grant application portal is found below. Please note that all applications must be completed using the Halle Foundation’s online grant application portal. Please use the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist you in preparing for and completing the application.

To begin a new application:

Please select the link below for the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation’s online grant application portal. If you do not have an existing account on the portal, you will need to create an account to log on and enter your eligibility screening information into the online system.  You will then be directed to the grant application(s) available to apply for.

Program Application

Capital Application

To return to an Application in process:

Once you have created your application, you may return to the online grants portal to continue working. We recommend bookmarking the web address for the online grants portal. We also recommend using Google Chrome or Google Chrome Incognito as the browser for completing the application. 

Please use the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist in the application process. 

To track the status of an Application:

Once you have submitted your application, you should receive an email confirming submission. Applicants can check the status of their application within the grants portal.  

Please use these Instructional Videos for further assistance: 

Intro to the Portal 

How to set-up a new password

For login information or other questions, please contact