The power of collective thinking. The impact of collective doing.

How can we elevate the lives of the most vulnerable among us? Alone, it’s challenging. Together, it’s transformational.

The Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation is a collaborative charitable resource that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit in like-minded philanthropists and non-profits to propel real social change.

One voice may have power, but many voices have a collective strength that can transform talk into dialogue and energy into endeavor.

We prefer to invest our time and talent to collaborate with our network of resources to solve issues rather than support agencies. It’s the same no-nonsense, “Rubber-meets-the-road” mentality that created Discount Tire, and the purpose that drives the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation. We believe “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, and we work to illuminate issues of social justice in thoughtful and innovative ways.

Categories of Giving:

  • Social Justice

    This encompasses human rights, the dignity of every human being and the equality of opportunity in a procedurally just system.

  • Hunger

    This includes organizations whose main purpose is to provide food to the homeless, hungry, disadvantaged and underserved.

  • Homelessness

    These grants fund organizations that take a holistic approach to elevating individuals from homelessness, poverty and neglect to a life of proud self-sufficiency.

  • Human Services

    Examples under this broad umbrella include services to those individuals without resources, financial, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

  • Health & Medicine

    This category includes grants to hospitals, access to medical care, medical research projects and facilities, as well as organizations that provide dental, vision and other medical services to populations with the greatest needs.

  • Arts & Culture

    Grants to arts and culture support projects that add to the creation of knowledge about Latin American art in the United States.

  • Education

    This includes grants to educational institutions and initiatives, as well as grants whose purpose is to increase access to education and training.

  • Religion

    Grants fund organizations whose main purpose is to provide access to spiritual purposes and solace to those in spiritual need.

  • Scholarship

    For the children of the Discount Tire family to provide access to higher education.

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